About Us

Mykrantz & Co. Leadership

Chris Mykrantz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mykrantz & Co. LLC.  Chris has more than 35 years of experience in employee communication and communication consulting leadership roles. He is a skilled communication strategist, adviser and change leader, as well as an accomplished writer and project manager.

More importantly, Chris understands the dynamics of communication within organizations and the bottom-line advantages that it can create when effectively planned, executed and sustained. In both corporate and consulting roles, he has crafted and delivered strategic communication that produced measurable financial results. 

Chris has led communication through numerous mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and business restructurings, created the employee communication function at two Fortune 1,000 companies, oversaw the sweeping cultural transformation of one of the nation's largest transportation organizations and managed communication to employees and counseled C-suite leadership through 9/11 -- with a New York-based financial institution profoundly impacted by the crisis.

Highlights from Chris' client engagements include:

  • Led change management during the transformation of the clinical development organization of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies;
  • Led communication and participant outreach during the pension termination of a global engineering and construction firm, developing and executing a nationwide outreach plan that saved the client approximately $80 million in plan termination costs;
  • Developed communication for the global launch of a new five-year business strategy for a multi-billion dollar manufacturing firm
  • Audited the employee communications of both one of the nation's largest retail chains and a major specialty retailer;
  • Developed acquisition communication strategy for numerous clients,  both acquiring and being acquired, including a Texas-based medical devices company and one of the nation's largest outsourced customer service organizations